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Exploring February 2023: My journey through #30days challenge, immunify, and more

Hey folks! It’s time for my monthly roundup and I’m excited to share my journey from February.

January audit results

First off, let me share my January contest results. All my findings have been released and I’m proud to say that I did 5 contests (4x code4rena, 1x Sherlock) and made $5436 with 62 hours of work. I found 5 high and 8 medium findings, all in all I would say it was a good month.

Contest Ranking Payment Time QA Medium findings High findings
2023-01-biconomy (c4) #8 $1080.21 18:00h a-grade 3 1
2023-01-astaria (c4) #35 $339.14 08:00h a-grade 1 -
2023-01-ondo-finance (c4) #5 $2821.71 12:30h a-grade - 1
2023-01-cooler (sherlock) #17 $162.22 12:00h - 1 2
2023-01-rabbithole (c4) #8 $1034.68 11:30h a-grade 3 1
total   $5437,96 62:00h   8 5

#30days Challenge Experience

Now, let’s talk about February. I didn’t participate in any code4rena or Sherlock contests this month, but I participated in the #30days challenge from @Web3SecurityDAO and it pushed me to do at least one hour of research every day, and I discovered some awesome resources that I want to share with you.

  • Spearbit’s videos on YouTube are a must watch. So much alpha - highly recommended!
  • 4naly3er from Picodes - it’s an amazing tool and I try to contribute back by adding findings I don’t want to include in my reports. Last month, I contributed the Solmate's SafeTransferLib does not check for token contract's existence finding and some configuration options.
  • Proxies research by yacademy is a must read. It’s one of the best summaries I’ve come across.
  • Chisel from Foundry is amazing and can help speed up some processes. I somtimes struggle to remember to use it for simple checks, but it’s one of the best optimizations I’ve found.
  • I also spent a lot of time reading old reports. I open-sourced this repo. With it I can get a Discord update and add it to my to-do list for reading the report. It scans for new code4rena and Sherlock audit reports that were released.
  • The QuillCTF was a fun weekly challenge. Some were challenging, some were easy, but it’s a nice format. I think I’ll continue to participate in it.
  • Last but not least, I went down a rabbit hole on Immunify. Zobront open-sourced quickpoc and I adapted it so it’s possible to use it on every chain. Check it out on Github. It helps to easily spin up a project with all the inscope files. I went through about 3-4 projects in total, but didn’t find anything that was in scope to report.

Reflecting on February:

All in all, February was a research-heavy month for me. I missed some of my goals, but I still think it was a worthwhile experience. One of my main goals was to be more active on Twitter and connect with more security researchers. The #30days challenge helped me with posting on Twitter and I joined the Solidity Lab from https://guardianaudits.com/, where I joined the verified auditors and will try to be active on this community.

My Goals for March

For March, I plan to participate in every new QuillCTF, focus more on code4rena and Sherlock audits, and be active on the Solidity Lab community. Simple, but effective. Let’s go!

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